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Lowes TC is a leader in the science of plant micropropagation and has been providing propagation services to the Australian and international horticultural communities for over 25 years.

In that time, Lowes TC has grown to include a passionate team of scientists, propagators and support staff who take pride in every plant they work on.

Whether you are an individual grower or an international company, we will supply you with the best quality products and services possible.


The latest from us

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Bringing tissue culture production into the 21st century

May 5, 2020

Greg Lowe from Lowes TC is on a mission to automate tissue culture production, making it more affordable to produce high health clonal plants in this country. Find out about his business’ new TC+TM liquid media temporary immersion system bioreactor and automated production systems.

Tissue culture partnership driving innovation for the sugarcane industry

May 25, 2020

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has commenced a partnership with Lowes TC to test new technology that promises a step change reduction in the cost of tissue culture plants.


Lowes TC
 Invest Regional NSW

December 15, 2019

Lowes TC is an agri-science business propagating high health clonal plants (of new and existing plant varieties) for both domestic and international markets.

Lowes TC Receives Government Support to Build Industry Disruptive Technology

January 23, 2019

Lowes TC High Health Clonal Plant Propagation (HHCPP) systems to disrupt the local and international Tissue Culture industries



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