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Our Team



Greg Lowe started Lowes TC in 1997 after working as a scientist and lab manager in a variety of Australian plant tissue culture facilities. Greg is the lead scientist.


Simon Pettinger joined Lowes TC as a partner in 2011 and has led the expansion of the company's operations in Asia. He has a Masters in organisational development and has transformed Lowes TC from a successful family business to a truly global enterprise. Simon spends his time ensuring the quality and consistency of the plant product is the priority for our production managers and scientists.


Lowes TC strives to distinguish itself from other plant tissue culture facilities with our high health programs, cultivar maintenance, breeding assistance, new product development, PBR and industry problem solving. All of which relies on the highly skilled team of international scientists on staff.


The scientific team made up of over 11 plant scientists including; a marine biologist, environmental scientist, molecular biologists, and other general plant scientists. 

Lowes TC also has close working relationships with universities in Australia, the UK and India.

Lowes TC is an Australian owned expert agri-science business, and global industry leader in plant tissue culture propagation. We are continually developing new ways to propagate new plant varieties for distribution to customers across the world through Plant Tissue Culture. We are a family owned and run business and have been proudly supplying the global agri-industry with high quality plant tissue culture and research services for over 20 years.

We have been operating on the cutting edge of agri-science since our inception and can offer you an insight into our wealth of knowledge when you choose to work with us on new plant varieties for use in a variety of industries from landscaping, food production and home gardening to bio energies, land restoration and pharmaceutical.

To ensure quality we produce all of our own stock, and have our own facilities based in Australia and Asia to insure we can supply our clients from around the world with high quality affordable plants. With a head office on the Central Coast of NSW Australia and our global network of facilities, Lowes TC supplies over 5 million live plants every year internationally.


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