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Lowes TC+®

Lowes TC+ is a complete suite of clonal propagation tools for every Plant TC lab;

Lowes TC+ TIBR - patent pending Temporary Immersion Bioreactor,

Lowes TC+ POTS - a complete software solution for TC labs

Lowes TC+ AXAR and AXAL - revolutionary patent pending automation technology

Lowes TC+ reduces your labor costs, allows improved plant growth and makes management and research easy.

Change your TC lab into a high health clonal plant propagation company of the 21st century.

One low annual license fee gets you access to it all, the entire suite of tools

Contact us now for licensing details and for collaboration opportunities.


Lowes TC+ TIBR
Temporary Immersion BioReactors

Increase yield
High uniformity
Complete control of the growing environment

Lowes TC+® TIBR's are Patent Pending, cost effective and disruptive new technology developed by Lowes TC using a novel "negative pressure" media immersion system with no moving parts to break or assemble.

Lowes TC+ TIBR's allow complete control of the nutrient and growing environment inputs to maximize plant growth and yield.

POTS Media prep sheets.jpg

Lowes TC+ POTS software including
Media Library and Propagation Protocols

Lowes TC+  POTS is a complete ERP/Management software for clonal plant propagators and minimizes management time to control all aspects of your business
Our science team has developed complete high health plant propagation systems for hundreds of species and we are happy to share.


Lowes TC+
AX Propagation Tools

Capable of dramatically reducing propagation labor costs , we are currently achieving up to 5,000 plants per hour using AX

A fully automated solution for 1million+ pa operations.
Designed and built to order contact us to get more information.
Lowes TC+ patent pending AX automation technology can reduce labor cost by 90% or more


Lowes TC+ Shop

Check out our Lowes TC+ products for purchase, only available to licensed users

Our complete range of products and consumables

Lowes TC has propagation solutions for every company who want volume supply of high health clonal plants, contact us for collaboration and licencing information

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